Tue. Oct 15th, 2019

6 thoughts on “Moringa – The Miracle Tree

  1. My 14 year old min pin has lymphoma she weighs about 15 pounds how much morninga should I give her? Thank you

    1. Hi Alma
      I would start with 1/4 teaspoon to see how she does. Since she is 15lbs you could give her up to 1/2 teaspoon, but it’s best with any new herb to start out slowly. I wish you and your pup well!

    1. I personally have not heard of morninga oil being used for pain relief but I have heard of using Boswellia as an anti-inflammatory and for pain relief as well as Devils Claw. Do some research on both of these herbs and see if they might be able to help your dog good luck!

  2. Hello,
    would you help me please, my sweet saint bernard just had a surgery, they removed a 3 pounds tumor along with his spleen. they made sure to remove everything and check other organs for damage, doc said everything look fine accoirdingly to the after studies, i don’t know what to do right now, have so many mix feelings but im thing im sure i don’t want the cancer to come back and i want to do and give him everything that can help him.
    he is been doing great and so happy to be back from the hospital.
    i have been feeding my dogs with best kibble i could find along with curcuma, coconut oil, spinach, broccoli, carrots, yams, zucchini, buberries, eggs once a week, chicken breast, etc.

    do you think moringa will help him? my neighbor has a huge tree and im free to take any i want, he also sells pills.
    could i give him any other herb?
    thank you in advance

    1. Hi Dory
      I’m sorry about your dog and the cancer diagnosis. Moringa has wonderful healing properties along with adding nutrients to your dogs diet. I give both my healthy dogs moringa as a supplement. It’s best to do your own research as well knowledge is the key! Best of luck to you and your pup!

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