How to Make A Healing Salve

I've been treating my dogs with herbs for several years now with great success. My interest in herbs started when my beloved dog, a Boxer named Gouda was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. When chemo failed I used herbs for the first time and was hooked! Although Gouda has since crossed the bridge, I attribute her longevity while fighting cancer and her superb quality of life to the power of healing herbs. I currently have two rescue dogs, a Boxer named Kippah and a Boxer/Pit Bull mix named Loki.

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  1. Avatar Shirley

    3 years ago

    With you experience I hope you can give me some advice and/or recipes. Sisco is a 108-lb, just shy of 12-year-old pit bull. He has a large, ulcerated tumor on his jaw/cheek. He makes a bloody mess scratching it and wallowing/scrubbing it on the carpet. We are making (today) the decision not to do surgery. The outcome seems to be an unknown to the vet, other than warning us of a very fragile incision.
    I am doing a lot of searching/reading online for natural remedies…of which there are many testimonials of actual shrinkage using castor oil, tumeric, essiac tea, molasses, cayenne, etc. So many that I am just confused, and don’t see any real recipes or instructions even as to whether to use topically or taken internally.
    Other than this tumor (and a small one on his back), he seems well; eating and eliminating normally. I think the one on his face will get bad enough he will have to be put down unless something does work. Thx

  2. Avatar Sue Vieira

    3 years ago

    Hi Shirley, I’m sorry you and Sisco are going through this. Do you know what type of cancer it is? I am assuming it’s a Mast Cell Tumor? I’m sure it’s very uncomfortable for him, and if it is a MCT than it can often be itchy. Benadryl and Tagamet although not a holistic/natural treatment, can offer some relief and has had some success for dogs with MCT. I would be glad to offer some help but I would need some more details.

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