Tue. Oct 15th, 2019

2 thoughts on “How to Make A Healing Salve

  1. With you experience I hope you can give me some advice and/or recipes. Sisco is a 108-lb, just shy of 12-year-old pit bull. He has a large, ulcerated tumor on his jaw/cheek. He makes a bloody mess scratching it and wallowing/scrubbing it on the carpet. We are making (today) the decision not to do surgery. The outcome seems to be an unknown to the vet, other than warning us of a very fragile incision.
    I am doing a lot of searching/reading online for natural remedies…of which there are many testimonials of actual shrinkage using castor oil, tumeric, essiac tea, molasses, cayenne, etc. So many that I am just confused, and don’t see any real recipes or instructions even as to whether to use topically or taken internally.
    Other than this tumor (and a small one on his back), he seems well; eating and eliminating normally. I think the one on his face will get bad enough he will have to be put down unless something does work. Thx

  2. Hi Shirley, I’m sorry you and Sisco are going through this. Do you know what type of cancer it is? I am assuming it’s a Mast Cell Tumor? I’m sure it’s very uncomfortable for him, and if it is a MCT than it can often be itchy. Benadryl and Tagamet although not a holistic/natural treatment, can offer some relief and has had some success for dogs with MCT. I would be glad to offer some help but I would need some more details.

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