People are now relearning a more cleaner, greener lifestyle and their dogs are trotting right at their side. Herbs have a long history dating back thousands of years. Indigenous people often used native plants to treat themselves along with their animals.

With the advancement of modern medicine in the early 20th century, traditional medicines of all forms slowly started to decline.

Here at we still strongly believe in  a natural and holistic approach  for the treatment of dogs. Herbs play a large role in this and we hope you learn and embrace this way of life too!




I've been treating my dogs with herbs for several years now with great success. My interest in herbs started when my beloved dog, a Boxer named Gouda was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. When chemo failed I used herbs for the first time and was hooked! Although Gouda has since crossed the bridge, I attribute her longevity while fighting cancer and her superb quality of life to the power of healing herbs. I currently have two rescue dogs, a Boxer named Kippah and a Boxer/Pit Bull mix named Loki.

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